Giant Leap has been designed to capitalise on the growth of the purpose-driven economy.  

There are more companies than ever fusing profit and purpose: over $6.6 trillion is invested globally in socially responsible investments, and over $25 billion is invested in impact.

The largest intergenerational wealth transfer is taking place and the next generation is in the business of doing good: in the US alone, over $59 trillion will pass to the next generation (Millenials) by 2061.  Millenials are values-driven: Deloitte reports that almost nine in 10 believe that “the success of a business should be measured in terms of more than just its financial performance.” 

Giant Leap's thesis is that impact businesses outperform traditional investments: Impact businesses have superior customer and talent acquisition and retention, competitive differentiation, stronger mission alignment, and greater agility to reach scale and enter new markets.