Our Impact Themes

Giant Leap Fund is Australia’s first venture capital fund that is 100% dedicated to investing in impact startups – rapidly scalable businesses that blend financial returns with real and measurable social and environmental benefits. We invest across the following themes:

Sustainable Living.PNG

Sustainable Living

Eg. Clean-tech, waste reduction, sustainable agriculture & water use

Health and Wellbeing.PNG

Health and Wellbeing

Eg. Aged care, mental health, medical innovation, longevity

Empowering People.PNG

Empowering People

Eg. Education, social equity, addressing diversity & inclusion challenges

Our Portfolio Companies

What We Look For

If you’re sending us a pitch deck, here’s a cheat sheet for the things we get excited about.


Impact Embedded

Social or environmental good embedded into the business model

Market size - 1.png

Large Market

A large market opportunity to capture


Painful Problem

A painful problem being addressed for the target audience

Traction - 1.png


Proven ability to win paying customers


Compelling Solution

A compelling solution with a clear value proposition

Team - 1.png

The right Team

A skilled team committed to the mission

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