The people who make up the Giant Leap team have decades of experience of investing in early stage businesses.  Here are some companies that IIG and the Venture Partners have invested in:

These are some of the stories of entrepreneurs using business as a force for good:


TOM Organic is an Australian, female-owned business.  Its range of organic personal care and feminine hygiene products prioritise women's health and the environment.  TOM products are available in Coles, Woolworths and independent pharmacies and retailers Australia-wide.  One of the key drivers behind Aimee Marks founding TOM Organic in 2009 was to enable women to live healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Car Next Door

Car Next Door is a peer to peer car sharing platform.  Car sharing combats over-consumption, unlocks underutilised capacity and reduces carbon emissions.  Car Next Door was founded in 2013 by Will Davies and Dave Trumbull. 


Who Gives a Crap sells environmentally friendly toilet paper with 50% of the profits going to sanitation projects overseas. Simon Griffiths and his co-founders delivered its first toilet paper rolls in March 2013.  Simon believes that by offering ethical alternatives to the way Australians traditionally consume, carry out business and engage in charity and philanthropy, they can be enticed to change their buying habits.


And here's what folks have said about working with the Giant Leap team:

IIG have been very proactive in making introductions to potential partners.  We have been introduced to major corporates who lease buildings from them and we may well move forward with a strong partnership with them down the track.  They also have a very strong network of investors who I have received good advice from.

- Will Davies, CEO of Car Next Door

Working with mission-aligned investors is incredibly important to us - we want every partner involved in our business to be working to achieve the same common good we strive for every day.  Investment from Impact Investment Group brought a fantastic group of investors to the table, but Impact Investment Group really over-delivered when they introduced us to their network of friendly businesses and investors, many of whom became our customers.

- Simon Griffiths, CEO of Who Gives A Crap