what makes giant leap different?



Giant Leap is guided by IIG’s values.  These values inform our founder-friendly ethos and so we've explained some of them below.

We earn your trust by being open and honest

We promise to always tell you where you stand.  If we are going to have meaningful and deep relationships, we need to be straight with each other from the get-go. 

We play the long game

Our purpose is to serve something greater than ourselves and so we think it's crucial that we never compromise the end game for the short-term. We will always strive to base our course of action on what’s right for all stakeholders, not on expediency.

We back our Founders

One of Giant Leap's guiding principles is to vote with the founder wherever possible.  A big part of our decision making is about finding the right people to back.  Once we’ve found you, we’ll have your back. We want to succeed but not at the expense of the the founders with whom we partner, or the impact.  What this means is our term sheets are simple, straight-forward and fair.